About Hans' Bakery

Excerpt from the Pioneer Press 6/10/2013 By Sarah Horner

Kelly Olsen still remembers proudly prancing into Hans' Bakery after she nabbed a prestigious award 31 years ago.

She had spent weeks watching the same classmate win the honor, bestowed daily to the stillest sleeper during her preschool's naptime. Olsen, 4 at the time, decided it was someone else's turn.

She mustered all her willpower to keep herself from moving a muscle.

For that day only, she was Zion Lutheran Prekindergarten's "Best Rester."

"I was so excited," Olsen, now 35, recalled of receiving the recognition. "I got to go over to Hans' Bakery and pick out a treat. I'll never forget standing in front of that display case."


It's those fond memories that brought Olsen to purchase the building out of foreclosure in 2013 and begin the task of restoring the Bakery to its former glory.

After losing her husband in a drunken driving crash, Olsen was ready for a change in direction. She started a Facebook page announcing the revival of the iconic Bakery and within 48 hours she had over 2,000 people cheering her on.

On February, 22nd, 2014 Hans' Bakery will reopen its doors. The original recipes, some of the original bakers, and (hopefully) many of the original customers will be back as well. Our tag line may be "History in the baking" but your encouragement and support have truly been, "History in the making!"

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